Online Course : An Introduction to Linguistics

Online course : An Introduction to Linguistics

A Recommended FREE online course for English linguistics students.
In this course you will study 6 modules in 6 weeks as listed below:

A brief introduction about the course.
What makes human language and animal communication system different?
What characterises human and animal languages?
+ discrete infinity.
+ displacement.
+ joint attention.
What are revolutionary origins of language?
Some points about language diversity:
+ how many languages exist?
+ how can they differ?
+ language families.
What do linguists do?
Some points about sign language.
Distinguishing consonants.
Production of speech sounds.
Phonological activity.
Symmetry of consonants.
Path of acquisition.
Speech errors.
Sounds and language change.
Words and sentences.
+ criteria of words.
+ parts of words.
+ language classifications:
- Isolating language.
- Agglutinative language.
- Fusional language.
- Polysynthetic language.
Syntax and word order.
Layers of meaning:
+ semantic meaning.
+ pragmatic meaning:
- speech acts.
- maxims of speech.
  • Language in the Brain
What is the relation between language and the brain.
How they influence each other.
Some language related problems.
Everyday mistakes.
  • Language in the Society
Language change and variation.
Social stratification.
How do people use language to be polite?

Video interviews with well-known and famous linguists such as Noam Chomsky and Adele Goldberg and with speakers of many different languages are scheduled.
Samples are provides by language informants of 6 different languages: Tarifit berber, Gungbe, Turkish, Abruzzese, Mandarian Chinese and Basque.
mini-lectures, readings, quizzes are also scheduled.

You can start learning whenever you want.

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