The Best App to Improve your English language Skills

The Best App to Improve your English language Skills

There is no better time than now to start using an App to improve your English! They are quick, easy to access and fun to use. Apps for learning English can be so entertaining that you won’t even realize you’re studying. They are almost, just like having a small classroom on your smartphone. Although apps can’t replace our real-life teacher, they do make great supplement to our regular English classes. Furthermore, they allow you to learn from home or ‘on the go’ anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

In this article we are sharing the Best App to Improve your English language Skills.

This is the best Best app to Improve English Speaking Skills that you can use to improve your language skills in English anywhere on your mobile devices.


Elevate is a brain training app designed to improve attention, speaking skills, processing speed, memory skills, mental math, and more. Each person is provided with a personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results.

The more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. 90%+ report improved vocabulary, math skills, and overall mental sharpness when they frequently use Elevate.

Elevate app :

  • It Improves your cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension with 40+ brain training games.

  • It allows you to track and Measure your performance against yourself and others. Weekly reports that highlight your key accomplishments and opportunities are delivered once per week.

  • It Customizes the focus of your daily workouts to train the skills you need most, and choose between 3 and 5 games.

  • It Trains your brain with exercises that get harder as you progress to ensure your experience remains challenging.

  • It Starts a workout streak and stay motivated with over 150+ achievements to win while you train.

  • It is Supported by research. Elevate games are designed in collaboration with experts and backed by independent analysis.


  • Express yourself more effectively in writing. Write with clarity, persuasiveness, and concision.
  • Improve your spelling and punctuation. Avoid common writing pitfalls.
  • Become a better reader. Read everyday materials faster and with greater understanding.
  • Expand your vocabulary. Learn how to use thousands of new words.
  • Quickly and easily solve everyday math problems. Get better at comparing prices, splitting bills, and calculating discounts and markups.
  • Speak confidently. Become more articulate and develop clear expression and tone.

Elevate offers a 7-day free trial as well as a free version. To access the free version, tap the X in the upper left-hand corner after you sign up for an account.

Elevate FREE Plan

The FREE version offers 3 games a day with growing difficulties. As long as you progress, you unlock more games. At the end of each game, you'll see a feedback giving you a chance to review your answers and learn from your mistakes so improve your English language skills. 

So learn how you can benefit from playing educational games.

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