English Future Simple Practice Answers

English Future Simple Practice Answers

Well done on completing the future simple tense exercises! By practicing these exercises, you're reinforcing your understanding of the future simple tense in English. This tense is essential for expressing actions or events that will occur in the future. As you become more proficient in forming affirmative and negative sentences in the future simple tense, your overall fluency and communication skills will continue to develop.

Answers 1                     Exercise

Supply suitable forms of "Will" and "Shall". Give Alternatives where possible. 

Situation: Jim is asking his friend Don for advice about a job interview.

Jim: What sorts of questions do you think they will ask?

Don: The same as they asked me. They'll ask you why you want to work for them.

Jim: That's easy. I want to earn more money. 

Don: Yes, but you can't say that. You will have to think of some better reasons. 

Jim: I can't think of any just now, but I expect I shall think of something at the time. I hope I will anyway!

Don: I'm sure you will. What time is your interview ?

Jim: It's at three in the afternoon.

Don: I know it won't help very much, but I'll be thinking of you. Don't worry, everything will be OK!

Jim: When shall I know if I've got the job?

Don: They will let you know in a couple of days. That's what happened in my case. You'll get a letter which begins, ‘We regret to inform you -!’

Answers 2                     Exercise

Complete the following sentences with (will/'ll) or (shall/'ll) and a verb from the box.

offer         make            tell         have         buy         drop         wash         announce         receive         be sentenced         phone         carry         be         invite         go

1- I'm sorry about losing the book. I'll buy you another one next week. 

2- I will carry one of those cases for you. 

3- The temperature will drop significantly during the afternoon. 

4-  Will you phone me when you get the news? You've got my number haven't you? 

5- The chancellor will announce the details of the budget at 10:00 tomorrow. 

6-  Shall we tell her the truth about what happened? 

7- I expect they'll be here soon. 

8- You will receive your exam results by post during the first few days of August. 

9- I shall not invite them here again, whatever you say. 

10- If he is found guilty, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment. 

11- I shall never make the same mistake again. 

12-  Shall we go for a swim this afternoon? 

13- They definitely will not offer me the job: I had a terrible interview. 

14-  Shallwash these plates? 

15- I'm determined that he will have everything he wants.

Answers 3                     Exercise

Transform the sentences to the future simple making the necessary changes.

He comes around in the evening.  è  He will come around in the evening.

We see each other very often.  è  We will see each other very often.

The sun dries wet things very quickly.  è  The sun will dry wet things very quickly. 

They do everything to regain their self-respect.  è  They will do everything to regain their self-respect. 

They send a boat to fetch us at the pier.  è  They will send a boat to fetch us at the pier. 

He works in the center of Chicago.  è  He will work in the center of Chicago. 

Nick usually goes to the cinema in the evening.  è  Nick will go to the cinema in the evening. 

My Granny sleeps after dinner.  è  My Granny will sleep after dinner.

Tom plays football on Saturday.  è  Tom will play football on Saturday. 

I wear a suit on such an occasion.  è  I will wear a suit on such an occasion. 

We go to the country in winter.  è  We will go to the country in winter.

My sister eats sweets after breakfast every day.  è  My sister will eat sweets after breakfast every day.

They do their homework in the afternoon.  è  They will do their homework in the afternoon. 

They go for a walk after supper.  è  They will go for a walk after supper.  

John often visits opera with his friends.  è  John will visit opera with his friends.

Answers 4                     Exercise

Make the sentences negative.

1- She won't stay with us as long as her family can go without her. 

2- "The days will not get long soon," I said to my aunt. 

3- You will not meet a nice boy there, you won't settle down and you won't get everything you want and deserve. 

4- He won't talk only of his father. 

5- From now on I shall not be more careful. 

6- The trial will not last a few weeks. 

7- We won't go up through the woods and I won't show you where the spring comes out to the ground. 

8- Bob will not be glad to have your permission. 

9- You won't look after her till I get back. 

10- He says he will not do whatever I wish. 

11- I won't be in the mood for entertainment tomorrow. 

12- A new car won't probably cost you a lot of money. 

13- We won't take a bus to get to the Village. 

14- We shan't pick all the apples in three days. 

15- He will not be at home in a few days.

Answers 5                     Exercise

Comment on the use of the future simple.

(9,2) To express a single point action that will be completed in the future. 

(3,10) To express an action occupying a whole period of time in the future. 

(4,6) The express succession of actions in the future. 

(1,7) The express some recurrent actions in the future. 

(5,8) To express some future actions generally characterizing the person. 

Answers 6                     Exercise

Use the prompts to write a sentence with "Will". Use short forms where possible.

you / have / time / finish / homework.  è  You'll have time to finish your homework. 

they / select / you / for the football team.  è  They will select you for the football team. 

they / increase / taxes / next year.  è  They'll increase taxes next year.

prices / not come down.  è  Prices won't come down. 

I / not be / very long.  è  I won't be very long. 

it / not snow / this weekend.  è  It won't snow this weekend. 

the football team / win / next match.  è  The football team will win the next match.

he / not be / school / tomorrow.  è  He won't be at school tomorrow.

Answers 7                     Exercise

Write the negative of each sentence. 

We will run out of oil soon.   è  We won't run out of oil soon.

I think they will invent intelligent robots.   è  I think they will not invent intelligent robots.

An asteroid will probably hit the earth in the next 100 years.   è  An asteroid won't probably hit the earth in the next 100 years.

In 20 years' time, people will use CDs.   è  In 20 years' time, people won't use CDs.

The boss will arrive on time.   è  The boss won't arrive on time.

Kevin will earn a lot of money.  è  Kevin won't earn a lot of money.

Answers 8                     Exercise

Complete the sentences with Will + a verb from the list. 

carry        cost        take place        provide        sell        use        hold

1- Most people know that London will hold the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. 

2- Most of the games will take place in three areas of London: in the Olympic Park in East London; along the river Thames; and in central London. 

3- The Olympic Village, in the same area will provide accommodation for over 17000 athletes. 

4- A new railway link will carry spectators of the Olympic Park. 

5- The organizers will sell 8 million tickets for the Olympic Games, and a further 1.6 million for the Paralympics. 

6- 75% of the tickets will cost less than pounds £70. 

7- For some events the games will use well-known places in Central London such as Hyde Park and Horse Guards Parade.

Answers 9                     Exercise

Complete the sentences with Will('ll)+ one of these verbs: 

         be        come        be        get        like        look        meet        pass 

Don't worry about your exam. I'm sure you'll pass

Why don't you try on this jacket? It will look nice on you. 

You must meet George sometime. I think you will like him. 

It's raining. Don't go out. You'll get wet. 

They've invited me to their house. They will be offended if I don't go. 

Goodbye. I Expect we will meet again before long. 

I've invited Sue to the party but I don't think she'll come

I wonder where I'll be 20 years from now.

Answers 10                     Exercise

Put in will('ll) or won't

Can you wait for me? I won't be very long. 

There's no need to take an umbrella with you. It will rain. 

If you don't eat anything now, you won't be hungry later.

I'm sorry about what happened yesterday. It'll happen again. 

I've got some incredible news! You won't never believe what's happened. 

Don't ask Margaret for advice. She will know what to do.

Answers 11                     Exercise

Complete the sentences with I'll + suitable verb. 

I'm too tired to walk home. I think I'll get a taxi. 

"It's a bit cloud in this room." " Is it? I'll switch on the heating then." 

"We haven't got any milk." "Oh, haven't we? I'll go and get some." 

"Do you want me to do the washing up?" "No, it's all right. I'll do it." 

"I don't know how to use this computer."  "OK, I'll show you." 

"Would you like tea or coffee?"  "I'll have coffee, please." 

"Goodbye! I have a nice holiday."  "Thanks. I'll send you a postcard." 

Thank you for lending me your camera. I'll bring it back to you on Monday, OK? 

"Are you coming with us?" "No, I think I'll stay here."

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